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Identity Protection.

Get peace of mind and protect your identity with Allstate Identity Protection by InfoArmor®.

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How it works.

According to Allstate, an identity is stolen every two seconds. Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information without your consent, whether it’s opening new credit accounts in your name, accessing your financial accounts, or even using your healthcare information to receive medical treatment. This information can be obtained through mail theft, data breaches, phishing attacks, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, credit card skimming, and more.

The Allstate Identity Protection by InfoArmor® benefit monitors your digital identity and financial wellness, including credit cards, wireless carriers, utility accounts, non-credit accounts and even social media, to watch for any suspicious activity. Plus, certified privacy experts will help you manage the process and restore your identity quickly if you should fall victim—even if the theft occurred before your coverage begins.

What it costs.

Your cost for coverage is $3.67 per paycheck, paid with post-tax biweekly paycheck deductions for yourself, or $6.44 for your family.