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For Best Buy to be one of the best companies to work for in the U.S., we need all employees to feel accepted, valued and appreciated. Feeling accepted impacts many factors within an individual’s well-being and is the foundation of bringing our best selves to work and building an inclusive culture.

Ways to reinforce an inclusive culture

It is important that Officers take the lead in driving toward an inclusive culture. Driving an inclusive culture is included as a goal in all Officer performance conversations. There are many ways to show your support and reinforce this commitment—examples include:

  • Take time to understand where opportunities exist to improve representation or the employee experience within your organization. Set clear expectations about the importance of developing, hiring and recruiting diverse teams to reflect the communities we serve.
  • Include Inclusion & Diversity goals within performance conversations and Quarterly Conversations.
  • Sponsor and/or promote employee participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Professional Development Groups (PDGs), Focused Inclusion Networks (FINs) and Inclusion & Diversity Steering Committees (IDSCs).
  • Increase supplier diversity and connect ERGs to diversity marketing efforts.
  • Give back to diverse organizations in your local community.
  • Encourage candid conversations amongst your leaders and team members showcasing your support of diverse perspectives and an inclusive environment.

Best Buy’s inclusive behaviors

We embed inclusive behaviors to help leaders and their teams understand what’s expected and how to demonstrate these attributes.

The willingness to show weakness today to be stronger tomorrow.

Being purposeful about understanding the unique experience of everyone around you.

Empowering everyone to speak up and act for what is right.

Creating an environment to take calculated risks and learn from mistakes.

We believe when we show up this way, employees feel like they truly belong, allowing them to fully invest in our purpose.