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As an Officer of Best Buy, there are a number of ways you can demonstrate your support for the company, our employees, our shareholders and the communities we serve.

Join our PAC

The Best Buy Employee Political Forum is the company’s Political Action Committee (Best Buy PAC). It enables employees to participate in the political process and support candidates for elected office who share our views on issues that are critical to our business and industry. It is comprised solely of voluntary financial contributions by eligible employees. A PAC is the only way the company can provide financial support to a candidate.

The Best Buy PAC makes the following promises to its members:

  • Nonpartisan: The Best Buy PAC supports candidates who generally share our views on issues that are critical to our business and our industry, not candidates of a particular party.
  • Transparency: Each PAC contribution is reported to the Federal Election Commission and is available to the public.
  • PAC match: If a PAC member contributes at least $500 per year ($19.23 per pay period), the company matches 40 percent of their contribution to the eligible nonprofit organization of their choice, in their name.
  • Regular updates: Members receive regular communication about PAC activities so they can better understand and track their investment.
    Opportunities to engage: PAC members can designate how their contributions are spent and engage in the political process in various ways.

Join the Best Buy PAC at bluegrassrootsnetwork.com/joinpac.


Why is recognition important? The data clearly shows that teams who have built a culture of recognition and have invested the time and resources in recognition have more highly engaged and more productive teams than teams who do not. At Best Buy, you have the ability to recognize anyone in the company at any time, from your mobile device or laptop, by utilizing True Blue and the Recognize Someone online award generator. You can also order cool prizes to give as an award from The Appreciation Station. Recognize someone today at bbytrueblue.com.

Employee Giving

Supporting employees in making charitable donations is important to Best Buy. All employees are invited to participate in the Employee Giving Program by donating $10 or more (or at least one dollar per paycheck) to one or more of 1.5 million eligible 501(c)3 organizations. You can give through:

  • Payroll deductions, one-time or recurring
  • Credit card payments
  • Donations made directly to an eligible organization and logged afterwards as an offline donation (e.g., gala, fundraising walks and runs, school annual fund, etc.)

Best Buy will match 40 percent of your donation. In support of the company’s philanthropic mission, donations to the Best Buy Foundation are eligible for a 100 percent match. Each employee can receive up to $3,000 of match annually.

The program is open all year—so you can donate (and get the company match) any time. For full details and guidelines, visit BestBuyforGood.com.