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Plan comparison.

Both plans cover the same in-network services, but what you pay when you need care, glasses or contact lenses differs.

Preventive Plan Comprehensive Plan





WellVision Exam®
(every plan year)

$10 copay

Reimbursed up to $351

$20 copay

Reimbursed up to $502

(every plan year)

20% off a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses

Not covered

$20 copay3
($180 max. benefit4) plus 20% off amount over $180

Reimbursed up to $702

Lenses — every plan year 

Any charges over:

Single vision

20% off a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses

Not covered

$20 copay3


Lined bifocal


Lined trifocal





$0 copay



$80 – $90

Custom progressive 

$120 – $160

Lens Options

Scratch-resistant coating and UV protection 

Not covered

Not covered

Covered in full

Not covered

All other options

20% off a pair of prescription glasses

Up to 40% discount

Contact lenses 
(instead of eyeglass lenses)

15% off exam (fitting and evaluation)

No copay ($180 max. benefit for materials; up to $60 copay for fitting and evaluation)

Reimbursed up to $105

Laser vision correction

15% off regular price OR 5% off promotional price (discounts vary)

15% off regular price OR 5% off promotional price (discounts vary)

Not covered

  1. Subject to $10 copay
  2. Subject to $20 copay
  3. $20 copay applies once annually toward frames/lenses
  4. $100 allowance at Cost Optical, Sam’s Club and Walmart Optical

Your cost for coverage.

You pay for vision coverage through pre-tax paycheck deductions. Biweekly and annual costs shown below.

Preventive Plan Comprehensive Plan

Vision Coverage

You Only

$.60 ($16 annually)

$3.77 ($98 annually)

You + Spouse/Domestic Partner 

$.90 ($24 annually)

$5.37 ($140 annually)

You + Child(ren)

$1.12 ($29 annually)

$6.60 ($172 annually)

You + Family

$1.79 ($47 annually)

$10.55 ($274 annually)

More online.

Visit vsp.com for on-the-go vision coverage information. Find a doctor, view your benefits, download your vision card and view an eyewear gallery.