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Whether you need a break to enjoy life, manage a personal health condition or care for a loved one, Best Buy has programs to help you take time off when you need it. We also offer support for starting or caring for your family, including child care and educational resources, plus more to help you focus on what matters most and find your healthy balance.

Paid Time Off

Earn time off starting at hire with increasing amounts up to 28 days based on years of service. Time off plans vary according to state and local law. Employees in locations that require state- or city-specific leave may receive additional benefits. Refer to your Paid Time Off policy and other leave policies for the most up-to-date information for your location.

For Officers in most locations: PTO is granted in a lump sum and does not carry over from year to year. It is inclusive of sick time.

For Officers whose primary work location is in CA, CO, DC, IL, LA, MA, MD, MT, ND, NE, OK, PR, RI, or WY*: Paid time off is granted as two different types of time: Vacation and Sick Time. Vacation time is accrued weekly up to the annual maximum and carries over from year to year. Sick time is granted in a lump sum and does not carry over from year to year.

Location Time off days
(year one)
Time off days
(years two through nine)

Officers in most locations

PTO: 23 days granted at hire through year nine

Officers working primarily in CA, CO, DC, IL, LA, MA, MD, MT, ND, NE, OK, PR, RI or WY*

Vacation time: Up to 10 days accrued
Sick time: 6 days granted at hire

Vacation time: up to 17 days accrued
Sick time: 6 days granted

Refer to your Paid Time Off policy for time off accruals and allotments after nine years.
*The following states will change from PTO plans to Vacation plans effective January 2022: CO, IL, LA, MA, ND, RI and WY.

If you’re on a PTO plan, you may be able to buy additional days off through the Purchased PTO program during Benefits Annual Enrollment.

Paid time away for bereavement

Get up to five days of paid Bereavement Time in the event of a family member’s death.

A gift of time for those who need it most

The Gift of Time program allows employees to donate vacation time or Paid Time Off to eligible employees who need to miss work as a result of a federally-declared major disaster, a medical emergency (their own or a family member’s) or a family member’s death.


Designated holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Full-time hourly employees are eligible to receive eight hours of Holiday Pay, plus Holiday Premium (1.5 times regular rate of pay) for hours worked on the holiday.

Retail stores, service centers, distribution centers, district appliance warehouse and product return centers are typically open on all designated holidays, except Christmas Day. These locations are also closed on Easter; employees do not receive Holiday Pay for Easter.

The corporate office is closed on all company-designated holidays. If the holiday lands on a Saturday, the office will be closed on Friday. If the holiday lands on a Sunday, the office will be closed on Monday.

Time away if you’re unable to work

When you are unable to work or need to be away from work for a period of time, Best Buy offers Leave of Absence (LOA), which allows you to take time away while still maintaining your status as an employee. A Leave of Absence covers your required time off from work; it is generally unpaid. Some state or local laws provide additional pay for certain leaves of absence. In addition to Paid Time Off options described above, you may apply for other benefits, if eligible, to provide you with some pay during this time, including:

Paid Leave for physical or mental health conditions

Following a three-day waiting period, the Paid Leave program provides 100 percent of base pay for up to six weeks if you are unable to work due to your own physical or mental health condition. Medical certification is required after two weeks to continue pay for the remaining four weeks.

Pay for short-term disability

If you are unable to work due to your own medical condition, Short-Term Disability (STD) will pay 60 percent of base pay after the six-week Paid Leave period has ended, up to an additional 20 weeks. The length of disability is determined by your specific condition.

Long-Term Disability (LTD).

After the 26-week Paid Leave and STD period, Long-Term Disability (LTD) will pay 60 percent of your annual base pay (base pay + bonus or commissions) up to $25,000 per month, for as long as you are disabled and unable to work, subject to certain limitations in the plan.

Supplemental LTD.

For all officers

The plan pays up to an additional $12,500 per month for cognitive impairments or loss of two activities of daily living. Enrollment is required for supplemental LTD coverage.

If 60 percent of your monthly income exceeds $45,000 per month, you will be eligible for additional coverage, some of which may be subject to individual medical underwriting. Enrollment is required for supplemental LTD coverage.

You will receive communications regarding your supplemental LTD coverage, and enrollment is necessary. Your supplemental LTD coverage will begin upon your return of the required documents. Also, you are taxed on the premiums that Best Buy pays, so any benefits you receive will be non-taxable.

Pay to welcome a child or care for family

Eligible employees may receive Caregiver Pay for up to four weeks (160 hours) within a 12-month period at 100 percent of base pay during a qualifying leave of absence for one of the following:

Child bonding

Birth persons and non-birth parents taking a leave of absence for two weeks or more within 12 months following birth, adoption or foster care placement.

Family care

Employees taking a leave of absence for four or more days or intermittent leave in minimum one-day increments to provide care for a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent with a health condition.

You must have completed one year of service with 1,250 hours worked in the 12 months prior. A qualifying leave of absence is time off from work provided to an employee under the Leave of Absence Policy: Family and Medical (FMLA) or other state-required leave. Up to two weeks (80 hours) of Caregiver Pay is available to care for extended family members including a grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, brother/sister or brother/sister-in-law and child over 18.

Caregiving advocacy and support

Wellthy provides personalized support to help you tackle the logistical and administrative tasks of caring for the ones you love, including yourself. A dedicated Care Coordinator serves as your advocate and expert, handles your toughest caregiving questions and helps you address legal, housing, medical and other related topics. You also receive access to a Care Dashboard that helps you stay organized, track appointments and streamline communication with other family members and caregivers. Best Buy provides access to Wellthy at no cost, and employees can invite fellow caregivers (i.e., siblings, spouse, partner, parents, etc.) to join in on the Care Project.

Growing your family

No matter how you choose to grow your family, Best Buy supports you on your journey. After six months of service, you are eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $14,080 for adoption– or surrogacy-related expenses. If you are enrolled in a Best Buy health plan, you may be eligible to receive coverage of up to $10,000 for infertility treatment services and up to $5,000 for related pharmacy costs.

Backup Child Care when you need to work

Find quality, safe and affordable in-home or in-center child care through Care.com when you need it most. Use it when your regular caregiver is unavailable, if you need to pick up an extra shift at work, or if your child is a little under the weather and needs to stay home. Each employee receives 10 Backup Child Care visits per year for a $10 copay per visit. You can even book a preferred caregiver or center from your personal network and get reimbursed for a portion of the costs that exceed your copay. Visits must be used for work-related purposes only, and the value may be subject to taxes where applicable.

Discounts on early childhood education and care

Through our partnership with Care.com, you can enjoy a 10 percent discount on early childhood education at KinderCare and Children’s Creative Learning Centers, or before- and after-school programs at Champions.

Reimbursement for tutoring expenses

If you’re a working parent, we know that your child’s education is a major priority. Through the Tutor Reimbursement program, receive 50 percent reimbursement for in-person or online tutoring expenses for your school-age dependents, up to $100 per month.

Reimbursement and discounts on tuition

Whether you’re going to college for the first time, or finishing what you started years ago, Best Buy supports your learning. When these benefits combine, some programs offer the ability to earn a degree with no out-of-pocket costs.

  • After six months of full-time service, you may be reimbursed for tuition and other eligible education expenses through the Tuition Assistance program. The program covers $3,500 annually for undergraduate studies and $5,250 annually for graduate-level coursework related to your job.
  • Through partnerships with select universities and training programs, you (and in some cases, your immediate family members) can obtain tuition discounts, special scholarship opportunities and reduced education fees. On-campus and online programs are available.

Confidential support for life’s many events

Life Solutions, the Best Buy Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers confidential support and resources to help you handle whatever life throws your way. It is available 24/7 at no cost to all Best Buy employees and everyone living in their household.

Find articles, podcasts and videos related to parenting, caregiving, preparing for college, and more. Delegate your to-do list or find reputable referrals for nearly anything, including child or elder care facilities, housecleaning or moving services, party planning, apartment searches or anything else to help you with your work-life balance.

Visit guidanceresources.com (use Web ID: BBYLife) or call 1-800-807-1530.