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Purchased Paid Time Off (PTO).

If you regularly run out of paid time off or are planning a big event next year, purchase additional days of PTO to use in 2022.

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Who is eligible.

Full-time employees on a PTO plan are eligible for the Purchased PTO program. Employees on a Vacation plan are not eligible for the Purchased PTO program; in 2022, employees with a primary work location in CA, CO, DC, IL, LA, MA, MD, MT, ND, NE, OK, PR, RI or WY are on a Vacation plan.

How it works.

Benefits Annual Enrollment is your opportunity to buy up to five additional days of PTO, available in one-day (8-hour) increments. Costs are deducted before taxes from every paycheck in 2022 at your pay rate as of early September 2021. Then when you use your purchased PTO, you’re paid at your current pay rate.

Your cost for the number of days you choose is calculated by (# of hours x pay rate)/# of paychecks.

How to use time off.

You must use your time in the following order (happens automatically):

  1. 2021 Granted PTO
  2. 2022 Purchased PTO
  3. 2022 Granted PTO

Unused time.

If you previously purchased PTO and have unused time from the past year, you may opt out during Benefits Annual Enrollment, get a refund and stop future deductions.